Claudio Paniagua was born and raised inmersed in the jewellery workshop run by his father and formerly by his grandfather, although his career was mainly developed in Art School of Oviedo. This combination of family experience plus artistic training lets him recreate the personal universo reflected in his work. The influence of several and different disciplines such as sculpture and architecture marks deeply the conceptual path present in all his work, transformed into continual referents which he habitually turns to. " It´s a pleasure for me to take advantage of the concept of volumen and space offered not only by architecture but also by sculpture to make them become a part of our body, just the antithesis of its habitual function ".

The firm Claudio Paniagua starts as a personal artistic project put into motion halfway through the 90s and that has achieved its consolidation as a jewellery firm in 2000. Every piece of jewellery, every collection is designed by Claudio and carried out in his workshop in tight collaboration with one of the best profesional teams in the country. The fundamental priciple of the firm is to consider the jewelry as an artistic discipline and according to that, the process of creating every piece is entirely handcrafted in order to endow all our pieces of jewelry with a personal touch.

It is important to highlight the remarkable degree of demand which is applied not only to the concept but also to the carrying out of each one of the collections and projects. Fort he firm, it is fundamental that every piece could be a referent in the representation of the personal image of each customer. According to this principle and working with the idea of tightening more and more the bonds between the designer and his customer, he firm offers a programme of personal assistance in the carrying out of absolutely unique and suitable pieces.

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