First hints

Primeras pinceladas_IMG_2058 copia

Step by step we are defining our new collection which is coming soon. It will be a bet for colour and simplicity. In order to get it the series are supported by basic shapes and elaborate technics.

We have been working for a long time with shapes where straight line came first always, shapes that generated angles, shapes that cut the space. In our last jobs, the curves that caress and integrate have gained strength, and so we develope this collection in which, I dare to say, straight line has disappear practically. All shapes are simples but combination is quiet contemporary.

To supplement the shape we have collaborated with a great enameler who we will introduce in next entries. Her exquisite job provides quality and warmth to every piece.

The sample we show you today is a ring used as pilot project based in a client order. it´s made in yellow gold and enamel and sets a oval tanzanite and a diamond.

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