Iconic earrings

Pendientes icónicos_DSC_0504  copia

Today´s entry will show you a earrings perhaps you had seen sometimes due to are one our favorite pieces. It´s about "Diana" earrings. Its provocative shape, its involved languaje, its motion makes this piece the accessory will never go unnoticed. There is a common opinion between small group of owners and this is that they are final jewel. It´s a declaration of intent that identify people who is wearing it.

It was designed in 1996 and was simple, shapes flowed and the concept kept faithful from the original sketch to final earring. However 15 years past to be marketed because technical problems prevented its wright production. In those years only three clients could wear this singular piece. Today the group have grown up but the exclusivity is completely guaranteed.

We used to talk about material our pieces are made because they provide quality or supplement the main idea. But in this piece the material is superfluous, the shape is the essential. Anyway the earrings in pics are made in 18k yellow gold and set a diamond in the middle of the disc.

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